"The sun"- friend or foe?

“The sun”- friend or foe?

I know what y’all are thinking- “the sun is awesome, dude- what are you, nuts!?”, but let’s just weigh the pros and cons and let the people decide, shall we?


  • Keeps lots of stuff alive, including you and me.
  • Vitamin D, man.
  • Sleeveless t shirts- I wear these things every chance I get.
  • Some pretty decent music was inspired by this damn thing- “Sunny Afternoon” by the Kinks and Sun records, for example.
  • Vampires hate it!


  • Kills stuff because it’s just so damn hot.  Simmer down, now.
  • Sun tans- unless you live on the Jersey Shore, in which case the sun is TOTALLY AWESOME for this reason.  Enjoy looking like a leather handbag later in life, y’all.
  • Horrible tattoos.
  • Sunglasses- I look ridiculous in these things!
  • So noncommittal- you’re just going to LEAVE every night!?  What a dick.

I think the pros probably have it, but make up your own damn mind.  This is where the gimmicky audience participation crap comes in:

The sun...

Friend or foe? *

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Anyway, what I like about the sun is that it makes some really crazy stuff happen when it peaces out for the night (at least in Texas, anyway).  So check out the sun’s craziness while you ponder the intense food for thought that I have dished out this evening.