The secret life of Dalea.

Ok, so it’s my first post- I have intended to start this “blog” thing for ages but you know how it is, y’all.  Life is crazy.  Nonetheless, I am now DOING THIS.  I am going to write about plants and other stuff I like (I had originally considered calling this blog “Protas’s Plants”, but I settled on “Nurturecode” because that encompasses both my plants and that whole tech/”job” thing I do with most of my time.

So I might write about Protas’s Plants, or cool dogs, or food, or just whatever.  I will probably also end up interviewing some people that are doing important or interesting things, just to get their perspective.

I was chilling in the yard the other day, noticing how many weird little creatures were hanging out in various corners of my yard/gardens.  So I took some pictures of some of the little dudes that were hanging out on my Gregg’s Dalea over the past few days.  It’s a pretty cool plant, with little silvery leaves and teeny purple flowers, it loves heat (it’s planted in my front xeric garden) and it ain’t too particular.

This ant was pigging out- it’s a good thing he can lift stuff ten times his size because he’s really going to have to hit the gym hard after eating all this nectar, LOL!

This moth is sporting some very nice earthy tones, very fashionable this season.

This little caterpillar will be beautiful, someday.

This moth was kind of giving me the stink eye.  I didn’t appreciate it.

This spider is just going to eat everyone in the photos above.  Survival of the fittest!