Payin’ me a visit.

I always have these weird little dudes hanging around here. Not, like, Danny Devito or something, but creepy crawlies of all persuasions. Like attracts like, I guess (I’m not sure if this means that I am an insect, a creep, or both). So let’s meet some of these characters, shall we?

This little dude was chilling in my breezeway the other day and that dude ain’t a snake. Peep those cute ass little legs- awww!

Some interesting facts about these little dudes, the ground skink:

  • They must love to juice, bro, because they have NO FREAKING NECK. None.
  • These little dudes are one of the smallest reptiles in North America. Thus, they share a common ancestor with those Reptilians in Congress.
  • Some skinks (not these guys) are ovoviviparous meaning they hatch eggs internally and give birth to live offspring. Hubba hubba.
  • I remember bites from these dudes being kinda painful when I was a kid because we totally used to wear them like earrings (the lizards, not their bites).


Another, more colorful, visitor loves to sip on my tropical milkweed– the infamous Monarch butterfly. These dudes also have some interesting characteristics:

  • They do it in two phases- an aerial phase and a ground phase. The male has to take the female down for the ground phase, which is totally not gentlemanly but it could be kind of sexy depending on your perspective.
  • Obvs poisonous. Duh.
  • They can cross the freakin’ Atlantic ocean. Suck it, other insects!