Nature's wieners.

Nature’s wieners.

I know that I am normally a very mature individual, but there’s an inner Beavis and/or Butthead in all of us.  Sometimes he must be nurtured, ya know?

Over the weekend, I visited Peckerwood Garden, it was pretty cool and you should go if you ever happen to be hanging out in Hempstead, LOL, like that would ever happen…  Anyway, Peckerwood Garden has lots of interesting plants, but they also have these metal phalluses that were ripped straight from the Kama Sutra.

But the wieners don’t end there, folks.  This guy was on a yucca-ish plant (can anyone identify this?)- sorry for the blur but the, uh, tip was moving a little.  Just the tip, mind you.

They also had some really nice specimens of our native hickories.  These could pass for huevos with a little stretch of the imagination.

We can delight in giggling along with mother nature at all of the wondrous wieners of the plant kingdom.  She needs her LOLs, too.

In closing, I once grew this squash.

It was delicious.