Horror garden.

If y’all know me, you’d know that I love horror movies.  I am down with the Austin Horror Society and Jenna complains that all of the movies that I have or watch are gross, weird, or both.  Continuing with the theme, I wake up every morning and drink my coffee from this mug:

Some people start their days with a run or maybe an inspirational reading.  Me, I start my day with ol’ Norman Bates.  Nothing gets the heart pumping like a little Psycho killer in the morning, ya know?

In a case of life imitating art, my garden has its own little horror movie stars- the larvae of the Gulf Fritillary butterfly.

Gulf Fritillary on a Passion Flower Leaf

These things look pretty evil- I am pretty sure there is some flesh eating acid or mind controlling substance hidden in those spikes.  These little guys have even inspired me to write my own crappy horror movie, tentatively entitled “The Caterpillar Rides Out” with the tagline “Once they’ve finished eating my passion flower, they’re coming after your BRAINS!”.  Maybe I’ll Kickstarter this bad boy to raise enough money to hire Bruce Campbell to star in it.  If you have a hankering to bankroll a bad joke, I am your man.