Breaking bugs.

Even before I got into punk rock and all that stuff, hip hop was really the first music that I liked that wasn’t something that my parents listened to.  My first cassette tapes were LL Cool J’s “Radio” and Run DMC’s “King of Rock”.  I have always been fascinated with the crazy stuff that b-boys and ladies could do, but I unfortunately have 10 left feet (that’s a binary joke for all y’all nerds).

The sad fact is that even bugs can get down better than I can.  Hell, this fly was doing a sick backspin at Bouldin Creek this evening:


These two cats can do the worm, which is apparently not even a proper breaking move according to some on the Internets, but what the hell do I know…

Some Sunflower crab walks going on here:

I’ll leave y’all with this sick, sick video from Austin’s own Riders Against the Storm- #noresume!